1 dbtng_example.module dbtng_example_list()

Render a list of entries in the database.

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modules/examples/dbtng_example/dbtng_example.module, line 364
This is an example outlining how a module can make use of the DBTNG database API in Backdrop.


function dbtng_example_list() {
  $output = '';

  // Get all entries in the dbtng_example table.
  if ($entries = dbtng_example_entry_load()) {
    $rows = array();
    foreach ($entries as $entry) {
      // Sanitize the data before handing it off to the theme layer.
      $rows[] = array_map('check_plain', (array) $entry);
    // Make a table for them.
    $header = array(t('Id'), t('uid'), t('Name'), t('Surname'), t('Age'));
    $output .= theme('table', array('header' => $header, 'rows' => $rows));
  else {
    backdrop_set_message(t('No entries have been added yet.'));
  return $output;