1 filter.test FilterNoFormatTestCase::testCheckMarkupNoFormat()

Tests text without format.

Tests if text with no format is filtered the same way as text in the fallback format.


core/modules/filter/tests/filter.test, line 904
Tests for filter.module.


Tests the behavior of check_markup() when it is called without text format.


function testCheckMarkupNoFormat() {
  // Create some text. Include some HTML and line breaks, so we get a good
  // test of the filtering that is applied to it.
  $text = "<strong>" . $this->randomName(32) . "</strong>\n\n<div>" . $this->randomName(32) . "</div>";

  // Make sure that when this text is run through check_markup() with no text
  // format, it is filtered as though it is in the fallback format.
  $this->assertEqual(check_markup($text), check_markup($text, filter_fallback_format()), 'Text with no format is filtered the same as text in the fallback format.');