API functions for installing Backdrop.




Namesort ascending Description
_install_select_profile Selects an installation profile from a list or from a $_POST submission.
_install_profile_modules_finished 'Finished' callback for module installation batch.
_install_module_batch Batch callback for batch installation of modules.
_install_get_timezone_country Get a country code for the provided timezone.
_install_configure_form Form constructor for a site configuration form.
install_verify_settings Verifies the existing settings in settings.php.
install_verify_requirements Verifies the requirements for installing Backdrop.
install_verify_pdo Verifies the PDO library.
install_verify_database_utf8mb4 Verifies if UTF8 MB4 support is available in the database.
install_verify_completed_task Verifies and returns the last installation task that was completed.
install_tasks_to_perform Returns a list of tasks to perform during the current installation request.
install_tasks_to_display Returns a list of tasks that should be displayed to the end user.
install_tasks Returns a list of all tasks the installer currently knows about.
install_system_module Installation task; install the Backdrop system module.
install_state_defaults Returns an array of default settings for the global installation state.
install_settings_form_validate Form validation handler for install_settings_form().
install_settings_form_submit Form submission handler for install_settings_form().
install_settings_form Form constructor for a form to configure and rewrite settings.php.
install_select_profile_form Form constructor for the profile selection form.
install_select_profile Selects which profile to install.
install_select_language_form Form constructor for the language selection form.
install_select_language Installation task; select which language to use.
install_run_tasks Runs all tasks for the current installation request.
install_run_task Runs an individual installation task.
install_redirect_url Returns the URL that should be redirected to during an installation request.
install_profile_modules Installs required modules via a batch process.
install_no_profile_error Indicates that there are no profiles available.
install_load_profile Loads information about the chosen profile during installation.
install_import_translations_remaining Installation task; finish importing files at end of installation.
install_import_translations Imports languages via a batch process during installation.
install_hash_salt Installation task; Rewrite settings.php to include hash salt.
install_full_redirect_url Returns the complete URL redirected to during an installation request.
install_finished Finishes importing files at end of installation.
install_find_translation_files Find installer translations either for a specific langcode or all languages.
install_find_translations Find all .po files useful for the installer.
install_find_profiles Finds all .profile files.
install_display_output Displays themed installer output and ends the page request.
install_database_errors Checks a database connection and returns any errors.
install_config_directories Installation task; Rewrite settings.php to include config directories.
install_configure_form_validate Form validation handler for install_configure_form().
install_configure_form_submit Form submission handler for install_configure_form().
install_configure_form Form constructor for a form to configure the new site.
install_check_requirements Checks installation requirements and reports any errors.
install_bootstrap_full Performs a full bootstrap of Backdrop during installation.
install_begin_request Begins an installation request, modifying the installation state as needed.
install_backdrop Installs Backdrop either interactively or via an array of passed-in settings.
install_already_done_error Indicates that Backdrop has already been installed.


Namesort ascending Description
INSTALL_TASK_SKIP Do not run the task during the current installation request.
INSTALL_TASK_RUN_IF_REACHED Run the task on each installation request until the database is set up.
INSTALL_TASK_RUN_IF_NOT_COMPLETED Global flag to indicate that a task should be run on each installation request that reaches it, until the database is set up and we are able to record the fact that it already ran.