1 schema.inc public DatabaseSchema_mysql::fieldExists($table, $column)

Check if a column exists in the given table.


$table: The name of the table in Backdrop (no prefixing).

$name: The name of the column.

Return value

TRUE if the given column exists, otherwise FALSE.:

Overrides DatabaseSchema::fieldExists


core/includes/database/mysql/schema.inc, line 530
Database schema code for MySQL database servers.




public function fieldExists($table, $column) {
  // The information_schema table is very slow to query under MySQL 5.0.
  // Instead, we try to select from the table and field in question. If it
  // fails, the most likely reason is that it does not exist. That is
  // dramatically faster than using information_schema.
  // @link http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=19588
  // @todo: This override should be removed once we require a version of MySQL
  // that has that bug fixed.
  try {
    $this->connection->queryRange("SELECT $column FROM {" . $table . "}", 0, 1);
    return TRUE;
  catch (Exception $e) {
    return FALSE;